Making the head (Part 2)

Shaping the head and making the features involves stabbing the face repeatedly with a felting needle, this is fun. It also involves cutting bits off a nose when it’s too large for a cute doll…..also fun. Next step chin and top lip. I’ve been using some gorgeous felting wool from Bronte Glen it’s lush.


Making the head (Part 1)

So today I made the head, well to be truthful I made it yesterday but I wasn’t happy with it so I watched the Sami video again, and decided I’d have a second try. This time I’m a lot happier with it, I didn’t pull the strings quite so tight and I was able to sew the strings in place a lot easier. I also added a bit more of the wool stuffing (which I got from Bronte Glen ) and now the head has the correct 13″ circumference.

Parcels arriving in the post

Parcels started arriving today, the skin fabric arrived from Little Oke dolls, it’s really lovely quality. I also got some new machine needles and the stockinette to start moulding the face. And the knitting is still coming along, I’ve started another little hat, this time two toned – I’ve been learning to knit with two colours with VeryPink knits helpful instructions on flicking and knitting continental!

Knitting a bonnet

I am waiting on all my supplies to start making a doll, but I have wool and I have knitting needles so I decided to start on a bonnet. Last time I ever knitted, I think, I was about 10 years old, but with the ever amazing Youtube I was able to refresh the basics – including how to unknit!

Using the pattern I found here by the very talented figandme, I have begun. The picture is attempt number four as I kept magically adding stitches when I changed from knit to purl. This was resolved by moving the yarn forward or back depending on what stitch you were doing – who knew?

How it all started

During my many visits on instagram I came across some doll makers, and these dolls called Waldorf Dolls. I just loved them. In particular a couple of makers figandme and evergreenbabydolls just really fired up my imagination. So now here am I starting my journey. I’ve spent the last couple of days trawling the internet and looking at Youtube tutorials. That was when I saw Sami Dolls tutorial on how to make the head – before that I thought it was ‘shop bought’ then I realised just what was possible.

I was down at my mothers and decided to raid her sewing cupboard for knitting needles, then discovered a big bag of thoroughly delectable wools in beautiful muted shades. Next big question is… can I still knit? I also looked into making wigs and shoes for the dolls, and crocheting was the way forward – never done that in my life, but I’ll give it a go. Then finally I found a pattern from the amazing Lali Dolls (wild flower doll) and this was exactly what I wanted – the detail on the face, just perfect.

So to finish – I have ordered needles, fabric and a crochet hook, started a blog – good to go.