Just enough wool

I had just enough wool to finish the cable knit cardigan for Matilda. It comes complete with little pockets and vintage buttons. That was a steep learning curve, but I now know how to double moss stitch by looking at the row before rather than laboriously counting stitches. I have also learnt how to do a knitted button hole, see KnittingHelp’s amazing little Youtube video.


Ready for the Easter break

There is a long Easter break coming up and I’m away from home for most of it, so I’m getting transportable projects ready. I have Matilda’s jumper to finish but until the eyelet maker comes I can’t finish her shoes, then she’s done and I’ll try to sell her. So, new projects – new doll, learning from last time the hair/wig is finished first. It’s easier to fit a head in a wig than vice versa. The head is ready for felting and all the body pieces are cut, I’ll have them all sewn so I can stuff them while away.


Several little projects on the go at the same time. Firstly I tried to crochet some little shoes using the Youtube tutorial by Wooly Wonders Crochet I’ve never crocheted before so my attempt was full of holes (holes in the wrong places that is!), but I started to get the right idea. The second project is a cardigan for Matilda, and that I have managed to produce a back with a cable stitch on it. The double moss stitch in between the cables went everso slightly wrong in a couple of places, but overall I’m pleased with it. I’m using the pattern from Summer-Vintage-Poppy

Dressing Matilda

I have a Simplicity pattern from the 1960s – my Aunt Bertha made my doll clothes using it. I remember a brown needle cord coat and hat and two different dresses. I’m first making a calico toile as although Matilda is the same size as this pattern she is a completely different shape, I also plan to put a facing on the bodice.

Here is Matlida

Making the wig is fun, zig zag stitch on the machine, strong needle and loose tension and it came together easily. She may need her hair brushing a but I don’t want to ruin the lovely curls. And she’s called Matilda.

Just do it.

So taking the bull by the horns and the embroidery thread in the needle I just got on and did it. I took eye inspiration from Posie & Pudge’s embroidery – I love the extra stitch she does to look like eyelashes. Then pixie hat on and time for a photograph. She reminds me of Andy Pandy with that hat on, actually her cheeks do not look that pink in ‘real life’.