Experimenting with faces

The picture is a little blurry, but I’ve been experimenting with a different way to do the face. I used inspiration from two of my favourite doll makers Evergreen and Posie & Pudge. I emphasised the features more when I was felting and used the pulled thread on the under layer as well as on the top layer. And now for the eyes…..



I’ve been toying with different designs of boots for Matilda. I’ve tried to crochet them, but so far I’m not too good at that. Then I looked at various patterns on line and eventually found a free one at Patternbee. I’ve made it up in calico and it fitted nicely, then I tried to narrow hem the seams with my over-locker, however this didn’t work. Looking in more detail at Evergreen Baby’s beautiful little boots I’ve got more of and idea. The version pictured is attempt number two….soon to become attempt three