Feet amputation

I haven’t been happy with the dolls feet, they don’t bend at the ankle, so I’ve decided to do a bit of amputation. I’ve found a pattern for a dolls slipper, scaled it up and I’m now going to attach it. It already looks a lot better, I’m probably going to update Matilda’s feet too.



…..but still no knickers, oh my! The little wrap over dress is made in a navy blue cotton with a delicate print of pink, pale blue and white flowers, this is lined with a pink lining. I’ve still to add buttons, my hunt through the button box was fruitless. The pattern was by Phoebe and Egg that I adapted for this doll – who incidentally is still nameless.


The wrap over dress is finished and in need of some buttons. I emptied out the large box full that used to be my Aunt Bertha’s and spent a happy half hour finding matching sets. I really fancied pink buttons to match the pink lining, however there weren’t any, so it’s probably going to be the pale blue.