New doll slightly different face

Several attempts later and this is the new face, and she looks rather gentle. I have spent ages measuring the faces of other dolls to get the proportions I like. The skin layer has been on and off, on and off. In the end all the felted features are really exaggerated underneath as they get so squashed when you apply the skin layer. Much happier with the result.


New doll – same face

Here is the new doll, with a borrowed wig and hat. I’m not pleased with the face yet. All three faces look the same to me and I think that I am felting them differently but as soon as I apply the skin – the nose squashes and I’m not happy with the profile. Also her eyes/eyebrows look a little fierce. I think what I need to do is set the nose, top lip and chin lower on the face (and closer together), but also have them further forward of the brow to get a cuter profile. Maybe I’ll start again and use this one as a boy!

The Megan dress

I have started on doll number three – so far I have made the head and needle felted it. She is skinless at the moment so not for photos yet! At the same time I have started her knitted dress. The pattern I’ve chosen is from Suzie Sparkles – the Megan dress, in this lovely soft grey. However I got to row 21 and got stuck, I searched youtube to see if there was any help, but no. Then I emailed Suzie Sparkles and within minutes she had replied and sorted me out. I had been knitting on straight needles and not in the round – so a quick ‘slip’ onto the correct needles and I’m off again.

Daisy is nearly ready

Daisy is nearly ready for a new home (Matilda has already gone). I have made her yet another hat as I still wasn’t happy with the other (two) hats. I like this one a lot better, it is the same pixie hat pattern I used for Matilda. I’ve now found a free pattern for doll mittens at Favecrafts page, so I’m making a pair of those to match the hat.

Luscious cerise cardigan

Tina/Phoebe/nameless doll needed a cardigan. I used a pattern by Suzie Sparkles that I found on Ravelry. I adapted the pattern so it was a simple straight cardigan, and made the smallest size which fitted the doll perfectly. Then rooted around in the vintage button box and here is the result. I love the lace yoke detail, the top down ‘all in one’ construction was easy to do………Late night update, she’s called Daisy. forget the Tina’s and Phoebe’s, she’s Daisy and it suits her!