For Violet

I’ve spent a happy few hours dismantling the dolls head I didn’t like and re doing her. I’ve been mulling over her clothes and I think she is going to dress in orange and grey. I’m going to try to make a frilly tutu style underskirt in the bright orange chiffon, the a little circular skirt and a grey cable knit jumper. Oh and I want to have a go at a fair isle patterned hat. Excited!


Crochet practise

I found this lovely pattern by CAROcreated of the Lilly doll and decided to practise my crochet skills. Using the beautiful cotton by Schachenmayr in delicious colours, plan to sell on my Etsy shop when she is done.

Elspeth has a new home

So, she was named Elspeth and I finished her on Sunday and put her on my Etsy shop. She found a home within hours I was so excited and pleased. I made her a little draw string bag for the journey – it seemed wrong to just pack her in a box. I put a tiny tiny letter in her pocket, and off she went. I’ve heard that she has arrived in her new home *sighs.

Onto the next doll then, and she already has a name! She is going to be called Violet, dark brown hair and violet coloured eyes of course.


These boots are made with the Adler Boot pattern from iThinkSew. It is an amazing pattern, that came together so easily. I used a creamy wool suiting fabric and a pretty lemon yellow cotton lining. So this little doll is nearly finished, she just needs some socks and her little mohair scarf. Oh and a name, she needs a name!