FairIsle hat

Violet’s multicoloured FairIsle hat is complete. I ended up redesigning the pattern I had which was way too big for her, and this is the result. She’s still in her underwear, but a hat is much more important than clothes!


Colours for Arthur

I’m really excited as I have a custom order for a little boy doll, for Arthur. Violet is going on hold after I’ve finished her FairIsle hat.

So, these are Arthurs colours, he is having jeans in the denim and the stripey green T Shirt under a cable knit tank top in the grey wool with turquoise highlights. He is also going to have a zipped bomber jacket in the olive linen (hopefully as there is not much linen left) this will be lined with the black/orangey Liberty print. Then I have a lovely brown suede to make his combats and maybe a little pack pack in the suede too. The blue and white stipey material is for his socks. Oh and he had curly blond hair, I’m not sure about the eye colour yet. I’ll have to ask Arthur’s mum.