Daisy’s new locks

Her upgrade is complete now, the Tibetan lambskin was a bit moth eaten in places and I wasn’t happy with it. What I’m going to do is create a weft with it, so it won’t be wasted. But any way – here is Daisy with blonde waves – still a little wild, but no bald patches.


Upgrade for Daisy

Daisy is having a mini upgrade, I didn’t realise but the other jumper was synthetic – so she now has a pure wool jumper in a really lush burgundy which goes beautifully with her outfit. Jumper is still using the Suzie Sparkle Lily cardigan with modifications. Now, should I redo her hair? I’m not 100% happy with the mohair skin, it does get a bit matted.


I’ve made Violet her boots, still using the Alder Boots pattern. This time with grey green canvas and delicate flowered lining. A few days ago I was wearing the canvas material – it was a skirt, and I was at a home birth! The skirt was so old it had gone into holes, so now it will be boots for dolls. In the last post I said I was making velvet boots – this just didn’t work, firstly I didn’t have quite enough and secondly I’d chosen a satin lining – big mistake it slipped all over the place.

The cable knit jumper

Violet’s jumper is made using the pattern for the Baby Poonam jumper. I wasn’t that keen on the centre panel and I needed the jumper to be smaller, so I inserted the Six-strand cable – it was fun to do and worked well. The only other thing I needed to do was amputate Violets arms and give her thinner ones! Two reasons, firstly they were out of proportion and secondly I would have had to reknit the sleeves as they were far too narrow – oops.