Making a bonnet

Before I tell you about the bonnet – exciting news – Violet has found a new home! I’m so pleased. She’s tucked up in a shoe box as I write. Back to the subject – the new bonnet. I loved the one by Mum and Dot so I’m trying to recreate the lattice pattern. I’m just about there I think, I followed the tutorial by New stitch a Day . I’ve pictured it next to the new doll’s hair, as you can see……’s pink, sort of sludgy pink (although that picture is making it look very bright!)


Just a little gruesome?

I’ve started felting the head of the next doll, it looks a little gruesome I know. I’m still trying to make a face I’m really happy with – see this little beauty by Mum & Dot . Changes I’ve made are to felt the top of the head into a more ‘square’ shape, this will hopefully help with getting a smooth brow. I’ve also inserted a small piece of wire as a former for the mouth, so when I pull the threads they disappear in the hollow.

Socks and scarf

I have finished the lacy socks using the free pattern by Judy Gibson. The colour I have used makes it difficult to see the lovely lacy pattern but it’s there believe me! And the scarf, that’s my own design of Fairisle knit to match the the hat. What has surprised me is just how long a scarf needs to be to wrap just once around Violets neck.