Vintage petticoat

Persie in her petticoat sits pensively ……okay enough alliteration for one morning! This petticoat is made with a lovely piece of vintage lace I found in my aunt Irene’s sewing box. I think it’s probably silk, but it is seriously gorgeous and so fragile. I was going to make the whole petticoat from it but it was thwarted so it’s just on the skirt.



….or Persie for short has had her first photo shoot. She is just in her undies I know, but it is very hot today. She is 12″ tall in her stocking feet and can take on gentle poses because of the wire armature construction. I’m really happy with her hair too, this time I followed the tutorial by Parabox. The part that was a revelation was the double wig cap and pulling that last piece of hair through to produce a non bulky crown. If you click back to my previous post Felting frenzy you can see her construction.

Fern, Willow and Pippin

Fern, Willow and Pippin – in that order in the picture above – are ready for their new homes and are on my Etsy site. I’m still not happy with my photography skills. The ones I took on my phone are much better! Also I nearly managed to insert several photos as a mosaic which looked really good – then couldn’t save itDoll (3)2017-06-04 15.39.40.jpgDoll  (16).JPG


Elfin shoes

I had originally made what I thought would be cute little boots for the Elfins however they just looked wrong. Instead I’ve found a pattern for a crochet Mary Jane style shoe by Mimi Alelis, they are designed to be key rings but fit the girls perfectly. The only difference was that I used a 2mm crochet hook and a fine cotton yarn so they came up super small. Each one is colour coordinated with their frock! ( have you noticed one Elfin has yet to put her dress on?)


Close up detail of the cute little button on the strap.