Just one more photo Persie

…..well two actually, she’s up for sale on my Etsy shop, and here modelling her little beanie bonnet complete with tassel. She is so photogenic.

2017-07-30 15.22.30


“Pink doesn’t suit me”

……well Persie, it does suit you – but I agree it doesn’t match the yellow and green embroidered flowers on your dress. Here’s the new cardigan, a really quick knit using Jamieson of Shetland’s lovely spindrift wool using a vintage pattern I got from HeyJude6459 on Etsy. A really good value pdf. I loved the little diamond detail on the cardigan.

Persie in the garden

Now Persie’s dress is finished, I scurried out into the garden (communal garden I live in a flat), and tried to photograph her with natural light and soft focused flowers – I’m not that good at this, note the blurry doll and sharp focused flowers! However I was joined by a kitten who came and sniffed her – I missed the perfect shot and got the kitten up way too close, but I’ve added it below as it made me smile.

Persie 012017-07-24 17.56.08

Question for you – Persie needs a hat, what sort of hat should it be? I’m at a loss at the moment.

Embroidered dress

Quick update on Persie’s dress – it is denim and is going to have an embroidered front and pocket. I used a tutorial by HandiWorks adapting it for the small area, and used two shades of green and yellow. The pattern for the dress is by Antique Lilac she makes really easy to follow patterns which are perfect for dolls. I used her pattern for Persie’s petticoat too (minus the sleeves)

The ‘Ugg’ boot journey

I knew I wanted Persie to have a little pair of Ugg style boots. First I made them out of cashmere coat material – they came up a bit big and I struggled even then with the size being so small, so I went back to crochet. I used a tutorial by Wooly Wonders she does the best tutorials for a beginner. The only modification I made was on the sole where the second round I did half double crochets not double crochets – as Persie only has small feet. Then I added a little button and there you are – super cute boots. Oh and Persie is also wearing her little cardigan (see Lacy cardigan post) minus buttons – I will get round to giving her buttons I promise.

2017-07-23 16.45.32

Lacy cardigan

Just steam blocking the little lacy cardigan for Persie. I had to be creative and transfer the knitting onto wire to curve it, but it worked. I really must buy a little mat to pin my work to as I keep using my yoga mat! The pattern is by Doll West Designs it’s #17 free download. I’m using Appleton wool that I had left over from tapestries I used to do, the colour shades are beautiful.