Doll angst!

This is Audrey with the wild blue hair, I was all set in my mind the colours she was going to wear. But here’s the angst – now I’ve started to make the dress it all looks a little ‘busy’ and overwhelms her little face. I think I’m going to save this dress for another doll and go with the more muted palate. Anyway she is being put aside for awhile as I have a custom order to do before Christmas.



The photo shoot


The fabulous Tortie (and her daughter) took photos of Arrietty for me, as I’ve said previously I just pointed my camera phone at the dolls and hoped for the best. Now I have some lovely in focus pictures and couldn’t be more happy with them. It was a lovely crisp Autumn day and we were able to go to the park for a few pictures

So she is up for sale on Etsy and I’m starting the next doll………and thinking about the one after that, this is a bit of an obsession! Below is a sneak preview of the colour palatte

2017-11-13 13.38.18.jpg

The tailored coat

I’ve really enjoyed making this little coat, I love all the little details in it – the back pleat with the button tab, the patch pockets and all the lovely top stitching. It’s been a real joy to make. The pattern was by Noodle Clothing and originally made for an 18 inch doll. I made a calico toile first, adjusted the size for Arrietty, then just followed the instructions – so easy.

I’ve taken a quick picture of Arrietty in her coat, however on Monday I hope to meet up with Tortie to get some proper ,in focus pictures of her, and then she is up for sale.

Flowery Mary Jane’s

Arrietty’s wardrobe has been very muted so far, so here are some flowery Mary Jane style shoes to spice things up a bit. I used the pattern by IThinkSew Designs scaled down for little feet. The pattern is really easy to make up and if you follow the instructions word for word you won’t get in a tangle like I did – three times I basted the strap in the wrong way! Yet again though I scaled down a little too much, I’m not sure whether I can fit socks in her shoes now. I’m now just waiting for the buttons to arrive so I can finish her coat.

Smocked dress

It’s a dull, dull day weather wise but I really wanted to post pictures of Arrietty’s finished dress. So here are some not very good pictures of her modelling it. The pattern is by Ashley Darling and can be found on Ravelry and Etsy. The pattern was easy to follow and I loved doing the actual smocking. What took so long was because I knitted the skirt part…..then undid it and made it lacy in the hope I would have enough wool…..I didn’t! So I had to order another ball of wool. But here it is and it suits Arrietty.