A crisp frosty morning

Polly is all ready for a new home and Tortie found the perfect morning for a frosty photo shoot

My favourite picture this time……with the catkins, just love it


Dyeing locks – a new venture

I bought these Wensleydale locks (see picture) in burnt orange, but it’s a harsh colour and I’m not keen on it – so I need to learn to dye. I’ve made the next doll’s crochet cap (She’s called Ivy by the way) using blond mohair. So first step dye the blond orange- onions skins seem to be the way to do that. I’ve got my Alum mordant; there is an interesting article on the different mordants on the Gardening Channel . During my research I’ve found people interchange the processes of using the mordant and using a fixative – but they are different.

Once the cap is orange I’m then going to make a weft out of the orange locks and dye these with the cap together, a rich red/brown using coffee or tea for that. There is loads of information on making and dyeing weft at The little dolls house I’ve watched loads of her videos about preparing the locks and the different qualities of locks. Anyway wish me luck and hopefully you’ll be seeing a Titian haired beauty soon not a scary clown!

Leather shoes

I’ve been wanting to make a snowy white little girl, she’s been in the back of my mind for ages. Now she is here, sat next to me in her petticoat, dress, a little embroidered bonnet and a fluffy mohair cardigan (being blocked as I speak). But here are the makings of her leather shoes. I made a ‘last’ out of fimo clay and glued this down to a piece of wood. I’ve used the pattern I found on Pinterest modified so the back and strap are all one piece. Those buckles – I searched high and low for and found these on an Etsy  Shop BabyCake I’m really pleased with them, they are excellent quality. So, one more to finish, those pliers really save my fingers!


The quest for better feet

and the help of a ‘magic’ wand.

I have tried various different patterns to make feet, and various different methods of creating them. I’ve tried the stuffing method and the felting method, on balance I prefer the felted feet as I can achieve a much more realistic shape. The first felted feet were made around a wire frame – but I’ve just learnt a new method.

Can you see? I’ve got a sole template and I just needle felt around the edge into a foam mat and build it up from there. It was so much easier. Then I inserted them into the fabric ‘skin’ before closing the heel. Finally ……..my new ‘magic’ tool. I treated myself to a Christmas present of Fig & Me’s wool wand. I watched the video a few times and dived straight in. It is so, so, so much easier to use than my previous tool…..a chop stick! So here are Polly’s arms and legs, as easy as that.2018-01-02 21.44.08