Let’s talk bums!

As with all doll making it’s constantly evolving, I’m trying to improve the look of my dolls. So here we are on the subject of bums! Ivy (with the curls) has her legs attached to the bottom seam of the body, where as Marianne has them attached to an extra seam created above the bottom seam. Originally I made all my dolls like Marianne but I felt their bums were huge and it was very difficult adapting patterns to fit them – especially trousers. So the last few dolls I made like Ivy…….however then they had no bum, which was equally awkward.

2018-02-24 15.48.03

That wasn’t the solution then………..flash of realisation, it was the position of that extra seam that determined the size of bum. I’ve reduced it from 3cm to about 1.5-2cm and now she has the perfect little bum! Check out their panties……whose fit the best?




5 thoughts on “Let’s talk bums!

  1. So cute! I’ll never make a doll, but I’ve knitted bunnies and hedgehogs and baby dragons using Susan B. Anderson’s pattern. My DIL sewed a doll for our first granddaughter, and it was a lot of work. But no bum. Yours are very cute.


    • Thanks for the bum compliment Pauly! Just looked up Susan B Anderson – nice patterns. If you enjoy knitting bunnies then Julie Williams (on Ravelry) has some lovely ones too.


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