A parcel of lusciousness

Some lovely fabrics arrived today from the amazing Croft Mill I’ve been using them as a material supplier for 30 years. When I first used them you were sent a catalog hand typed and photocopied and sheets of paper. I always remember how fun the descriptions were  of the fabric, the owner loved their fabric and it came across their brochure. They are still as good now only you can see the fabric too. Here one for their ‘odes’ to cloth for you to enjoy


It just gets better….. This is another superb Italian cloth in a sumptuous dark navy blue and green check, whisper  soft blanket like weave cloth with cashmere for the softest of finishes made in such a way as to disguise where the yarns meet and cross each other.

And here are the fabrics I bought2018-03-23 17.28.34.jpg

From top to bottom

100% wool soft boucle I’m going to use for Wilfred’s tracksuit top

100% wool cream and blue suiting

Lilac raw silk that looks like linen

Red raw silk again that looks like linen

and finally a red cotton twill named ‘Brexit’! (I’ve no idea why but it’s gorgeous)


Jogless stripes?

More about stripes and my quest for the jogless stripe. As you know knitting stripes in round you end up with that ‘jog’, I’ve watched lots of YouTube tutorials to fix this, some were so complicated I just got confused. Then I found Very Pink Knits method which is easy. However when I was knitting it I actually did it wrong, so rather than change wool at exactly the same spot, each time I would move one stitch over. When I realised this I ‘corrected’ it and actually it accentuated the long stitch you create to hide the jog. If you see the picture below I’ve arrowed where I used the method correctly, can you see….not as good. The other sock I knitted all using my ‘wrong’ method. It seems to hide the jog on a diagonal. What do you think?

Inked2018-03-19 17.11.07_LI

Holiday socks

These are socks knitted on holiday……not socks  for your holiday. It’s the simplest project to take away, tiny needles a few balls of yarn and the pattern from memory!

I have loads of beautiful Appletons fine tapestry wool in lush colours. This time I’ve made striped socks for the little boy doll I’m making. The pattern is Very Pink Knits toe up magic loop socks, 2mm needles and child size seem to fit perfectly. Then I vary the pattern on the sock…stripes, cables lace and I’ve seen a very nice two tone moss stitch too. I’ve tried to do jogless stripes again using the YouTube video by Very Pink knits again, which was moderately successful , maybe it’ll look better after blocking!

Always accessorise!

Marianne is a very fashionable 1960s girl and has her swinging 60s mac and matching tote bag. The coat was really fun to make, the pattern is by Noodle Clothing and it is their ‘Are we nearly there yet? Car coat’ pattern. Again I just love the attention to detail that goes into their patterns, those plackets and belt, love them. To go with the coat I made a tote bag, matching fabric and lining. The pattern is Pixie Faire Patterns ‘Terrific Tote’. The pattern said suitable for 15-18 inch dolls, however for Marianne (who is 16 inch) it looked huge – so I down sized it. For such an easy straight forward pattern I then made heavy weather of it! I can’t remember how many times I unpicked it. However in the end, I very happy with it. Inside is going to be kept her second outfit.