True child of the 60s

Marianne (named after Marianne Faithful of course) is a green eyed girl with a passion for the 1960s, so I couldn’t resist making her that iconic black and white dress, with matching baker boy hat.

Then her second outfit is a psychedelic little number with black accent and cute little button. details The pattern for this is by KeepersDollyDuds and is called ‘Town and Country’. The hat is reversible so it matches both outfits.

Then finally she has her trendy mac and matching tote bag. Check out all the details on the coat,  the placket pockets and belt, it was such a joy to make. The coat was from a pattern by Noodle Clothing called ‘Are we nearly there yet?’, the hat by Bonjour Teaspoon called ‘Lillie sailor hat’ and finally that tote is by Miche Designs.

And she’s over on Etsy looking for a new home, go and take a peak.



Oh Alfred…..

He’s finally ready for a new home, we went out into the gardens, he posed on the canon in the evening sunlight, so pleased with the photos. Okay…the canon, it sounds grand that I have a canon in my garden? Actually it’s in the communal gardens for my flat – not my choice of garden ornament!

You know Alfred changed names halfway through his creation? Well that was because my mum didn’t think he was a Wilfred, then she emailed me the start of a little tale about him. Here’s what she wrote

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, so I made up a story. Your wee boy was called  Alfred after his Great Grandad. He was  a portly gentleman who wore a waistcoat, and had a gold pocket watch and chain and like my Grandad was an innkeeper. It soon became obvious that Alfred  although not naughty was mischievous and had a desire for fun and adventure and it wasn’t long before everyone was calling him Alfie. That’s as far as I got.

Sewing leather just became a whole lot easier!

I liked making leather shoes for the dolls, I liked the way they looked. However the process was quite difficult, yesterday I spent a good 4 or 5 hours sewing one shoe. It took a long time to make the holes – I marked the holes, then made a hole on the upper….then on the sole….then made each one bigger with the awl. Sewing wasn’t that much easier, I used pliers to pull the thread through and it was tough going

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Then I found Ian Atkinson’s leather working videos, and what he does is hammer the pricking tool through all the layers, and the leather he uses is much thicker than mine. Then his needle just glides though the holes. Well my needles don’t glide just yet but it is loads quicker and the second shoe was finished in less than and hour! Yay.

Half finished projects

I currently have four half finished projects ( that makes two completed projects right?). These projects are awaiting supplies. Firstly there is Alfred’s (change of name from Wilfred) argyle style jumper.Argyle jumper

I’m basing the design on Swish and Swirl’s Sea breeze basic sweater. I am creating an argyle pattern on the front and you can see the chart I’ve made. The back I have changed from snaps all down the back to two buttons and then knitted in the round. The pattern uses 2mm needles and my circular needles weren’t quite long enough for the magic loop method so these are on order. Project 1 on hold

Then I turned my attention to his pants, I couldn’t do frilly pants like the girls have so I’m using a cotton jersey in grey for boxer short style pants. However I came to hem the legs and I couldn’t find my twin needle, so a new on is on order. Project 2 on hold.

Attention now turned to the tracksuit hoodie. I’m using that really lush wool fabric (see A parcel of lusciousness it’s the top one). Well I love the fabric…..however it is a real pain to sew, it’s such a wide weave that it disintegrates….argh. 2018-04-03 08.49.13

I got as far as inserting the tie for the hoodie part and I hadn’t any black piping. So that’s on order, project 3 on hold.

….so I’ve started his shoes, they are bottle green leather and I’ve adapted the Kaley Baby Sneakers . I scaled the pattern to 70% and got rid of the back seam and off I went.2018-04-03 17.22.05

Here’s one on the ‘last’ stretching and the other ready to be sewn. He’s a patient wee lad!