Oh Alfred…..

He’s finally ready for a new home, we went out into the gardens, he posed on the canon in the evening sunlight, so pleased with the photos. Okay…the canon, it sounds grand that I have a canon in my garden? Actually it’s in the communal gardens for my flat – not my choice of garden ornament!

You know Alfred changed names halfway through his creation? Well that was because my mum didn’t think he was a Wilfred, then she emailed me the start of a little tale about him. Here’s what she wrote

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, so I made up a story. Your wee boy was called  Alfred after his Great Grandad. He was  a portly gentleman who wore a waistcoat, and had a gold pocket watch and chain and like my Grandad was an innkeeper. It soon became obvious that Alfred  although not naughty was mischievous and had a desire for fun and adventure and it wasn’t long before everyone was calling him Alfie. That’s as far as I got.

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