European Waldorf Doll Seminar

I couldn’t quite believe I was here, I booked to come well over a year ago. Three days of dolls, making dolls, talking about dolls, dreaming about dolls. My classes were all with Doroto of Mum and Dot.


We spent all today working on the felted ball of wool, first applying the jaw, then building up the cheeks then starting the facial features, nose, chin and top lip.


Things I know now that I didn’t know this morning

  1. If you break a felting needle, cut at right angles to where you lost the needle with a carpet blade…….you will find it, it will look gruesome, your doll will go back together (she may have a headache)
  2. When you needle felt in one direction you move the wool on the otherside, so keep checking and adjusting
  3. Making the features roll a tight ball/sausage shape with wispy ends. This saves adding lots of layers and flattening your work
  4. Star gauge needles for most work, crown to smooth the work – the barbs are right at the tip
  5. Meglena showed me how to crochet a weft as I crocheted the wig cap – that I will show you later, it was a real light bulb moment

And finally a sketch by the talented Hannah who is (among other things) a children’s illustrator.

2018-05-25 18.18.40

That’s Meglena and me having dinner, I’m instantly recognisable by the stoop of my shoulders!


4 thoughts on “European Waldorf Doll Seminar

  1. It must have been an amazing event! I just hope I will be lucky enough to attend similar workshop in the future.
    Well, I suppose we will see photos of your new doll soon.. I mean the one which was “born” there.
    P.S.: And what about Alfred?


    • I’ve got more installments to come….. and the new head requires some work, but I can see a very lovely girl in there! And Alfred has a new home, I sold him at the market x x x


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