Having fun with embroidery

I’m loving making the outfits for Ottilie, I have all these ideas spinning in my head. I adore embroidery detail and the simple wrap dress is the perfect place. By the way the fabric is a beautiful raw silk that looks and feels like linen – it’s lush.

Taking my inspiration fromĀ yula_handmade_2008

embroidery 02

I’ve chosen a palette of muted silks.

2018-05-03 18.51.41

And I’ve started the journey around the hem. Should I go all the way, or just the front?

2018-05-05 06.38.49


Making Ottilie

I’m a bit in love with this little girl, her big brown eyes and white blond hair. In my other life I am a midwife and I get to meet lots of mums and their new babies, this name like a lot of the names I’ve used, it’s ‘pinched’ from one of those!

Here’s how she started, a firmly needle felted ball on a wire neck. I’ve made two other balls ready for the Doll Conference in Amsterdam I’m going on at the end of the month.

2018-04-21 21.08.19

The other (sunny) day I was out and saw a little girl in a floral dress with denim jacket and straw hat – I thought this was just perfect for Ottilie. I actually thought she needed two pretty dresses, one is complete with pin tucks and lace trim.

2018-05-02 18.29.45.jpg

Then she will have a wrap dress and that very important denim jacket. I really want her to have a pale denim jacket and I’m desperately trying to bleach the denim I have – it’s very good quality and the dye seems quite resistant!