A quiet moment

While Bella reads to Lottie I have a quiet moment to make shoes. If you are wondering why those two haven’t got dressed yet, it’s because they have no clothes at the moment other than their panties, so we can forgive them! Their panties are made with the lovely 100% cotton Pointelle I recently bought from Little Oke dolls, pink for Lottie and blue for Bella, it’s super soft for little bottoms. I’ve had a cutting out frenzy this morning and have cut out the denim jacket, wool coat, dungarees and two pairs of leather shoes. Here’s the progress so far on the shoes, one of Bella’s ready for soaking and stretching the second ready to sew the sole onto the upper. Perfect activity for a rainy Sunday.

2018-07-29 13.52.08.jpg


Colours for the girls.

I’ve made two little piles of fabric and wool, one for Bella and one for Lottie. Here are a couple of snippets about the girls

If Bella was all woolly caps and cardies denim, dungarees , then Lottie was more tailored and tweedy, more lace and linen.

Here’s a little of one of their many adventures

There was nothing than little Lottie enjoyed more than following Bella through her garden of adventures.

However, Lottie was often left confused why it was always she Lottie that was always the one that courted disaster and it always brave Bella who would be there ready to rescue from her most recent fate.

Like the time Bella used her nice new denim jacket as the sail on her pirate ship, or the time when trudging through the undergrowth, Lottie ripped her pretty embroidered pocket and the lace trim on her dress and muddied her pretty shoes.

2018-07-24 17.33.44.jpg

Here are the wools for Bella’s cardigan, pale rye colour with flowers in gold and blue, and in the bottom left you can see the dark blue denim of her jacket. Her dungarees are made from the floral Liberty fabric and that lovely purpley grey (or greyish purple) cotton. Then bottom middle is the new pale blue leather of her Mary Jane’s.

2018-07-24 17.36.44

….and little Lottie with her linen and lace and the ripped pocket (it’s okay I’ll repair it!). Her coat is going to be made of that gorgeous pure wool tweed with the yellow and grey Liberty lining, her dress is that linen you can see top right and the blue floral Liberty fabric. Then at the bottom, another new leather I’ve bought…..it’s silver/grey shimmery and amazing, for her Mary Jane’s.

We know Bella is a red head (those curly locks arrived today) and her and Lottie share similar brown eyes. But Lottie’s hair, does she have curls or straight hair? So far she’s ‘tried on’ straight strawberry blond and dark and light brown curls; she looks cute in all of them! Delicious decisions


Bella’s curls

I’m on a quest to ‘find’ Bella’s curls. Bella is one of the sisters I am making as a custom order. Here’s some of what I know about her…….

‘Bella!’ cried Lottie, anxious that yet again she could not find her friend.

‘Over here’ replied Bella … and with that a freckled, bespectacled Bella, popped her head up from behind her book – her red curly hair shining in the sun.

I’ve imagined a red headed doll before and when I ordered the Teeswater locks, they came looking more ‘Ronald McDonald’ than the gorgeous colour (just like my son’s) that I imagined. If you’ve read my blog you’ll know I had to go through all sorts of dyeing and re dyeing until I was happy. This time I’ve sent away for some samples from New Moor Barn and they arrived today. They say they will do 5 samples in fact they very generously sent 8, all their delicious reds, how brilliant is that? So, here they are…..

I’m now down to deciding between two, those in the bottom right, that’s Burnt Tan or Toffee Gold, decisions, decisions.

Penelope’s smocked dress

I’ve really enjoyed knitting this dress, it’s a great pattern by Ashley Darling and also the wool was so lovely to use. I added the bobble hem detail for a bit of fun, using the tutorial by La Visch designs. It’s a really easy to follow tutorial, try it. Then finally I added the pocket. It’s a bit of a ‘thing’ at the moment, every dress needs a pocket.  This one I made up, all by myself!!

Penny 08Penny 03Penny 02

Seriously cute dress

….but not the dress I said I was making! That one with the Liberty fabric and piping was way too big, it can wait for one of my 16 inch dolls. This dress is again Liberty with a contrasting bodice and large pocket with lace detail on the hem and pocket. It fits Penelope like a glove and suits her colouring and dainty features.

2018-07-12 19.18.422018-07-12 19.15.512018-07-12 19.25.24




On the cutting table

…..well strictly speaking it wasn’t the cutting ‘table’, I was crawling around the floor! As you can tell I’m at the clothes sewing stage. I cut out and sewed a pair of panties, I always use stretch cotton Pointelle which I buy from Little Oke dolls , they are a quick easy sew. I also cut out dungarees as a request for lovely Ada and Ottilie . Then there is the Liberty dress I started at the European Waldorf conference which needs finishing, I thought full, full skirt and piping at the waist.

I’ve kept changing the new dolls name, but now I’ve decided…..meet Penelope or Penny for short, she really is a pint sized poppet. Here she is ‘modelling’ some Suri alpaca locks (complete with rafia ties that look like a bow in the hair) and then here she is with her ‘own’ Teasdale curly locks in their natural colour. She does look lovely in the straight Suri alpaca but it was an executive decision to go for the curls, purely based on how much of it I had!



Third time lucky

….with the new doll’s legs. I’ve made a new pattern for a 12 inch doll, her body and arms have been easy, but I don’t know why I’ve struggled with her legs. The first time they were too thin and her feet too small. Second time I made the ankles too thin and then couldn’t get the feet on. The third time however I went for a different way of making the legs. I needle felted them, knees, calves etc and put the feet on. Then put a sleeve of skin fabric on, not tight because the legs already held their shape.

2018-07-07 13.51.51.jpg

I’m much happier with the legs now, they just need tidying up around those ankles – can’t have wrinkled ankles can you?

I’ve also been working on her knitwear, a smocked dress. I’m using the Smocked Bodice Darling dress found on Ravelry. I’m using this rather lush wool from Hedgehog fibres I bought when I was in London the other weekend. Believe it or not but these are the same colours!!

Have you noticed I’m calling the doll ‘her’? I thought she was going to be a Tilly but then I realised that was too much like Ottilie, so now I don’t know. Maybe I will wait until she has a face.