Look what I can do!

The girls are with their mother now, I couldn’t resist a few more photos of them before I packed them in their boxes! While Bella practiced her handstands, wearing a peasant blouse and comfy shorts, Lottie helped pack the tote bag with all the clothes wearing her new gingham dress and matching bonnet (reversible so as to match both outfits)



Finally the girls are ready. Lottie looks a little apprehensive, but it’s only a days journey and fearless Bella is near so I’m sure she will be fine.



…….and now I am making a new girl, a little sister for Ottilie who is going to have white blond curls and earthy toned wardrobe. Here are her colours, from left to right –

Apple green or grey for leather shoes, brown wool coat with Liberty print lining, olive green linen and dusky rose dress, dungarees in stormy grey and peachy floral and finally pink undies. Oh and there’s some wool too but I forgot to put that in the picture.

2018-08-21 10.21.55.jpg

Joining in with Nicole’s Crafting On


Story time

This custom order has been very special, here’s the lovely story that inspired the girls….

If today , like most days, you could not find Bella. that would because, like most days, she was lost in a book. Her little mind relished big adventures and tall tales of the high seas and exotic shores, of pirates and princesses, mysteries and mischief. It should not be underestimated nor over exaggerated that Bella’s mind was fertile to say the least and she would spend many an hour plotting and planning her and Lottie’s next grand plan.


Bella!’ cried Lottie, anxious that yet again she could not find her friend.
‘Over here’ replied Bella … and with that a freckled, bespectacled Bella, popped her head up from behind her book – her red curly hair shining in the sun. 

Bella 08

Lottie was lovely by name and by nature. smaller than Bella but with an equally big heart. If Bella was all woolly caps and cardies denim, dungarees , then Lottie was more tailored and tweedy, more lace and linen. 

There was nothing than little Lottie enjoyed more than following Bella through her garden of adventures. However, Lottie was often left confused why it was always she Lottie that was always the one that courted disaster and it always brave Bella who would be there ready to rescue from her most recent fate.

Like the time Bella used her nice new denim jacket as the sail on her pirate ship, or the time when trudging through the undergrowth, Lottie ripped her pretty embroidered pocket and the lace trim on her dress and muddied her pretty shoes.

But there was nothing that would tear these two apart … well only when shouts of ‘DINNER TIME came from the kitchen

Bella Lottie 01

Now you have shoes……yes you can go in the garden!

The girls have been itching to go outside, now than can, as they have shoes, coats and hats. Here are their shoes, Lottie’s on the left and Bella’s on the right. You can’t really tell from the photo but Lottie’s are a silvery grey.

2018-08-09 17.31.57

Bella, soon took off her coat and hat so here she is in her Meadowfinch dungarees, I love love love this pattern it makes up beautifully

Bella 01

Now little Lottie, you can see her in that pretty linen and Liberty print frock with lace trim, and the matching embroidered bonnet (Pattern by Posie). There is an embroidered pocket on the dress but it’s hidden under her hand, oops

So, the girls need just a few more things before they go to their new home. I’m making them each another outfit, I wanted them to wear the ‘same’ however Bella refused to wear a dress so we’ve compromised and both girls have a gingham outfit. But, no Bella, yours is not a dress! I’m also finishing a cardigan for Bella here’s where I’m with that, I’m a slow knitter. And ‘yes’ that is my cup of tea, and ‘yes’ I like it like dishwater!

2018-08-09 08.18.29.jpg

So a final cuddle from the girls, and I’ll get back to work

Bella Lottie 032018-08-09 17.45.20

Tiny tailoring

One of the (many) parts of doll making that I love is sewing clothes, especially tiny tailoring. I love those details of top stitching, flat felled seams, belts and buckles. I also love the amazing Noodle Clothing’s designs. I chose the ‘Put a Bow’ pattern for Lottie in a beautiful pale wool tweed with a Liberty print lining (not the pale grey I originally thought – I ran out of that!)

So here’s the pocket in construction and the collar being attached.


………and here is Lottie (still a bit shy to show her face) wearing her new coat. Oh and you can see the lace hem of her dress peeping out.

Today’s work (pleasure) is Bella’s denim jacket, she says she ‘needs’ it, she has a ‘plan’ for it! Then I’m off for the weekend for a wedding so sewing will be put on hold and I’ll knit socks for them, I can do that without a pattern/in my sleep.