A fond farewell

I woke up this morning to find that Harriet has found a new home, so I’ve put aside all my sewing and concentrated on her. Before she goes she wanted to say a fond farewell to Izara, so in front of the tree dressed in Bella & Lottie’s jewel coloured linen dresses, they whispered secrets to each other.

I have also made pyjamas for Bella & Lottie in matching Rose & Hubble fabrics, they can now have cosy chats and stories together before bedtime. The pyjamas are adapted from the Noodle clothing pattern, wider sleeves for big hands and sized down for the smaller doll.

Then it was time for Harriet to get in the box! With the help of Izara and Yonas, she excitedly made herself comfortable. Farewell Harriet, safe journey.


More for the stash

I’ve been to London (to see Lilith & Joe)……..but before that the first stop was the lovely Liberty, and, after an enjoyable look at all their gorgeous fabrics, here are the four I bought.

Then onto The Loop in Islington another amazing place to go, here is my little haul. A chunky double knit for hats and two skeins hand dyed sock wools.

Also in Islington, very near the Loop is another amazing shop called Ray Stitch. I’d been on their website loads of time, but wanted to feel the fabrics in person. The bottom two (ruby red and purple) are for Bella & Lottie’s Christmas dresses and they will have matching knitted boleros in the Life in the Long Grass wools above. See that car fabric, well that is for the lining of Yonas’s anorak.

It’s always good to have an extensive stash!

‘Yes Izara, these are yours’

Izara has been sat around in her panties for a few days waiting patiently for clothes. I also keep trying ‘other doll’s’ clothes on her, like Orla’s dungarees (which really suit Izara by the way) and Bella’s jammies! However back to Izara’s clothes…….first she got a tailored coat Put A Bow On It by Noodle clothing, as ever these patterns are just so lovely. This time I used that gorgeous powder blue pure wool fabric and a Liberty print lining.

I also finished a little dress I started in the Netherlands at the European Waldorf Doll seminar with Dorota of Mum & Dot, it was waiting for the right doll, and that doll is Izara. The dress is again a Liberty fabric with a delicate floral of yellow and grey.

Next outfit for Izara is another dress in a beautiful butter yellow linen and silk mix I have. I think some hand embroidery is called for too.

You brighten my day

The thing about doll making is you ‘get’ someone in your head, this time it was siblings I imagined. A big sister, that’s Izara and her little brother, that’s Yonas. I used a couple of images of children I found on Pinterest of a girl & boy to help create the features. So here they are, meet Izara

and her little brother Yonas.

Both have pants but not much else. Izara borrowed a blouse for the photo shoot. Now I have lots to make – Izara is to have a pale yellow dress with embroidery on, and Yonas has dungarees and probably a checked shirt to go underneath, oh and an anorak.