This girl has style!

This lovely Izara has been through many changes of clothes. I’d imagined her in pastel colours, buttery yellows, powder blues, embroidery and tailoring. However she tried on the first pair of dungarees I made for Orla, oh and they suited her so much. The dark rich blue against her beautiful dark skin! I had to make Orla another pair (those green polka dot ones). Do you recognise the pattern? Yep Meadowfinch again!

The second outfit is yet another ‘hand me down’. This dress has pin tucks on the bodice and some more on the skirt and is made of a jewel purple linen from Ray Stitch. Then to keep her shoulders warm a knitted bolero, it’s a cute and easy make, from the talented Swish & Swirl. And the wool, the wool……..from my Loop purchase it’s the Life in the Long Grass hand dyed sock wool in ‘Weathered’ colour ways.

Last but not least …… and socks, leather Mary Janes and hand knitted socks, Life in the Long Grass ‘Baroque’. Finishes the outfit off perfectly.

Izara as goes up for sale Sunday 6th January at 18.00 GMT in my Etsy Shop.


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