A younger brother.

A brother and sister have been in my head for a while, I’d not made a 12 inch boy before; he was a joy to make, he’s called Yonas.

I had fun making these dungarees, there are so many lovely little details on them, the pockets and tool loop. I first made the pattern full size then adapted it for Yonas.

Then there is his anorak, again beautiful details in Noodle clothing’s pattern. I gave Yonas a fancy car print lining on his anorak. He looks so cute with his hood up.

Underneath those dungarees he has a little checked brushed cotton shirt. This I adapted from two garments! A pyjama top pattern and the cuffs from the robe which I cut on the bias. I also slimmed down the sides and made short sleeves. It was a little fiddly but I was pleased with the result.

Finally of course, his leather trainers and knitted socks.

Yonas goes up for sale Sunday 6th January at 18.00 GMT in my Etsy Shop. Part of Link Up.


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