Missing out by just one day

This little custom doll came about when a young woman just missed buying Harriet by one day. The challenge for me was to make someone who she fell in love with again. I find that quite difficult, I can’t reproduce a previous doll. The doll was to be called Princess, dark skin and honey blond curls. She came out rather beautiful (just like her ‘mama’)

She is just getting her arms and legs made. The photo above she was unceremoniously wedged in a glass to pose! Here are the fluffy clouds of wool going in to stuffing her arms and the wool wand that makes rolling arms and legs a dream.

As part of a custom order you can choose your doll’s clothes. Princess is to have a pink knitted dress, I’ve ordered this lovely Qing fibre in colourway Cherry Hill. How pink is that?

She is also have a blue Azorean anorak just like Yonas , but this time I’ll use one of my new Liberty prints to line it. I’m also going to make something else as a surprise – I’ll keep you posted!

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