I’ve been trying to improve my shoe making. I want my dolls to have really good leather shoes, that don’t look too handmade. I have a pretty good pattern for my 16 inch dolls, I’d cut it out and it would sew up just right. However the 12 inch dolls were more of a problem, the shoes were okay, but…….

I’ve gone back to basics, I created lasts out of modelling clay and then used that as a template for a shoe. There was a lot of draping of calico and drawing the shoe design on that. I have several thicknesses of leather, a great big bag of off cuts (about 1.5mm thick) from a sofa making company. The leather is soft, easy to work with but I can’t seem to ‘score’ it to make an even stitch line. The other leather I have is 2mm thick and really lovely quality, it’s a lot harder to cut and mould

Next part I make the holes for sewing and using two needles stitch the uppers to the soles. I originally sewed the front and back but I’ve changed this to gluing at the moment.

Final stage is to add the strap and buckle. The strap is attached by a stud and the buckle is hand sewn.


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