I can make shoes

(the course)

I went to London for a shoe making course and spent two amazing days with the team at ICANMAKESHOES. After two days I came away with a pair of leather trainers and lots of ideas on how to translate these skills to making shoes for dolls.

Starting at the beginning, a pattern, leather and soles. A bespoke pattern had already been made for us, there is a You Tube tutorial to show you how.

Next cut out all the pieces and sew together, double row of stitching each side. Punch a set of eyelets and onto the next step.

The soles have foam padding on the board then covered with a lovely calf skin. The colour is a deep teal blue and so soft. Glued securely in place.

Then wet molding around the last, stretching the leather and tacking it in place. …….. how can I do this on a teeny tiny scale? I definitely can’t tack into my clay lasts I’ve made!

Dried overnight and tacks out, ready for gluing and filling with cork (I forgot to take a photo of this stage)

The final stage was to sew the upper to the sole using a blanket stitch. However you first had to punch holes in the trainer, then two holes in the upper. I think I made heavy work of it, but while I was out for lunch the shoes elves (thank you Miette) finished my second one in double quick time.

The sides were easy to do, however the toe and the heel slightly more challenging. So, here are the finished trainers, ta da!


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