Shoes, shoes, shoes

Why so many shoes you may ask? Well that’s because I’m not happy with them! The first pair of leather Mary Jane’s are using white leather I’ve had for ages, it’s an offcut from an upholsterer. It’s nice but doesn’t hold it’s shape after you have wet molded it. Also I thought they looked a bit scruffy – I can’t sell them, so I’ll give them to a friend.

Clockwise from left – too scruffy, too scruffy, a bit small, way too small, just right, just right!

I then bought some thicker 1.2mm leather, made a shoe, slightly altering my pattern to accommodate Shelby’s thick socks. Lovely, I was happy with it, although it was a snug fit. I made the second shoe…..forgot I’d made those alteration, argh I now have a shoe (beautifully made) but too small. So begin again, two new shoes, the same size, a good fit, and yay, Shelby finally has shoes. And I’m going to set up a shoe shop!!

All is not lost though, the ‘way too small’ fit Bex. I’ll make another one so she can have a pair.

Shelby’s second outfit was her nightie, I thought she needed some slippers to go with it. I can’t have her with cold toes. These are made following Wooly Wonders puff stitch flower slipper pattern. These are for babies but using a 3.5mm crochet hook and my tight crocheting, they came up perfect for a 12 inch doll!

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Pretty pockets

I do love an alliteration! This post is about some of Shelby’s wardrobe. She wanted a denim pinafore and a blouse. The blouse material is a lovely delicate Liberty print, and I chose those same pastel colours to embroider the pockets. Each little flower is different, each colour combination fun, a mixture of french knots and chain stitches.

By popular request…..another anorak, I think that’s the fourth time I’ve made it! I used the same denim that Princess had, but a different lining (Liberty of course)

This girl is very photogenic so I couldn’t resist showing you another picture of her.

A little face emerges

Out of the ball of wool and the felting needles and hours and hours of stabbing, a face emerges. Each time I can’t quite believe it happens, there’s a point when I have this funny frog looking at me and I panic. Then I keep working through it, I keep looking at photos of the child’s face, I adjust here and there. All of a sudden, she appears, and she’s kind of cute and not at all frog like.

Meet Shelby, who will have the darkest brown eyes and long blond hair, and a fringe…..I’ve never done a fringe before. Here she is with a practice skin on and stickers for eyes and no mouth definition yet.

Then I cut and sew all the parts for her body, they are triple stitched – twice for secure seams.

Shelby now has her features defined and her hair on, all she wants now is her fringe cut. I’ve never made a doll with a fringe… there’s scary! Here she is in her nightie, long hair brushed out of her eyes, before and the cut!

And that little profile is just as cute