A little face emerges

Out of the ball of wool and the felting needles and hours and hours of stabbing, a face emerges. Each time I can’t quite believe it happens, there’s a point when I have this funny frog looking at me and I panic. Then I keep working through it, I keep looking at photos of the child’s face, I adjust here and there. All of a sudden, she appears, and she’s kind of cute and not at all frog like.

Meet Shelby, who will have the darkest brown eyes and long blond hair, and a fringe…..I’ve never done a fringe before. Here she is with a practice skin on and stickers for eyes and no mouth definition yet.

Then I cut and sew all the parts for her body, they are triple stitched – twice for secure seams.

Shelby now has her features defined and her hair on, all she wants now is her fringe cut. I’ve never made a doll with a fringe…..now there’s scary! Here she is in her nightie, long hair brushed out of her eyes, before and the cut!

And that little profile is just as cute


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