Last minute preparations!

Here are the final pictures of Arthur, rummaging through my work basket, his backpack full of little treasures firmly on his back. Inside the backpack (made using ManySmallFriends free pattern) is a map he drew and his favourite bear (made using Amigurumi To Go’s free crochet pattern). He’s ready for his new home, I’m going to miss this sweet face!


The bomber jacket

Arthur is now sporting his new zip up bomber jacket, lined in a Liberty print with “A” appliqued on the front. He’s trying to climb up on the bed……actually it’s a position I put him in so that  he shows off the patch pockets on his jeans! The jacket is made using Pixie Faire’s Avila Aviator jacket pattern – really easy to make up, a joy to make. Left to make now is a little back pack for his treasures and that hat to finish off

Jelly Bag

Using this vintage pattern I’m making the intriguingly named Jelly Bag hat – bottom left in the picture. Any thoughts on why it’s named the Jelly Bag? I’m using this very lush Highland Green cascade wool. Just keeping it simple, no altering the pattern, no adding stripes just as the pattern says. I am however practicing continental style knitting, which will speed up my knitting eventually I’m sure.

Little moppet

This curly haired moppet now has little Y fronts and slouchy socks. The Y fronts are adapted from a pattern by Nuno life to fit Arthur. The socks were made by the pin and sew method! He also has his pair of jeans (which he can model later). He really is turning out to be a little sweetie. Today’s task is to make a T shirt for him.

Suede combat boots

Suede boots are now completed, two pairs infact, one pair for ‘Arthur’ and one pair for Lucy (who is having an upgrade in accessories). The boots have red topstitching and a contrasting lining – they’re quite fun. It’s actually Violet here modelling them as Arthur so far only has a head, a very cute head, but only a head!