Meet Constance in her undies

….what an introduction to this little 15″ doll. You’ve already seen her in the felted state and here she is now with lovely gentle grey/green eyes and a mop of pink hair. Made with the Rosy Posy doll pattern but 1/3rd bigger. I think this is the last I will make with someone else’s pattern as I’m going to design my own, watch this space.


Colours for Constance

Connie is coming along nicely, but doesn’t want to make an appearance until she has hair – fair enough. However I will show you the colours for her outfit, it’s one of the best bits choosing colour combinations. So here we have a lovely grey/green linen (which matches Connie’s eyes), a couple of greys for her Ugg style boots and a choice of lovely Jamieson of Shetland moss greens – lichen, marjoram, such lovely names. As yet I’m not sure which colour her knitwear will be. Oh I didn’t tell you – she’s going to have pink hair!

….and the next one

Back to needle felting and this time a 15″ Rosy Posy doll from Lali dolls. I increased the size by 25% to get a slightly bigger doll. It still amazes me that I can stab away at the wool and then all of a sudden I have a 3D body part in my hands! Now it’s time to cut out the ‘skin’, then important decisions have to be made…..what colour hair? eyes? and name?

Meet Aurelia

This wild haired girl is my latest doll, she is soft bodied and very cuddly. This is her modelling her brushed cotton PJs and awaiting her slippers to warm her feet. The pajama pattern comes from Pixie Faire who do lots of amazing freebies, however this one I bought. Oh and check out the buttons – they are Autumn leaves and really cute2017-08-10 17.28.14