I’ve been having a break from the large dolls and fancied making three little Elfins. They are 17cm tall (small!) with the inspiration coming from Scarlet Elf Cup and her beautiful wee dolls. The dolls won’t be photographed until they have hair – they’ve been sat here for a few days, in their pants but oh so bald! Because they are so tiny I decided to make my own weft using really soft mohair. Excellent no fuss tutorial by Monika Aebischer using a double needle technique. Up shot is Pippin has hair – a wild mop of it, I think she needs a bonnet to tame it a little! Ps. I’ve just learnt how to add ore pictures to a post !!

2017-05-14 14.50.49.jpg

Rosalind is ready

..and here she is, rummaging through the basket of wool – my favourite ‘prop’ for dolls. Did you know the basket was a Christmas present containing a bottle of gin! Rosalind is also show casing her cardigan knitted using the Daisy Chain pattern. I was going to add the embroidery but the colour is so dark it just didn’t show up, also it swamped the little cardigan. Anyway I put lovely mustard vintage buttons on that are a real ‘pop’ of colour.

Auntie Bertha’s bonnet

The last time this bonnet pattern was used was when my Auntie Bertha was making a set of clothes for my doll Jennifer, she used a brown needle cord to match the little coat. Now here am I making the same bonnet for Rosalind, this time in a camel coloured wool suiting and that lovely Rose & Hubble print and an edging of the vintage lace.

Dress up time

Beautiful material by Rose & Hubble in deep navy and camel, now made into a little dress with a Peter Pan collar edged in vintage style lace, The pattern was made using a tutorial by Martha Boers, she makes amazing dresses and accessories and very generously shares her patterns. I had to adapt the pattern as Rosalind doesn’t have the curves of a plastic doll.

These boots are made…..

for walking? Well if she could, little Rosalind would. These are actually the best boots I’ve made so far, I used the suede again and lined it with a silk Liberty print. They are just lush. And peeping out, can you see her socks? I’ve used the American Girl pattern again, the cable version this time. I had to make the foot bigger and wider to fit Rosalind’s feet, she has big feet bless her…..she’ll grow into them right?


You remember that slightly scary picture I showed Just a little gruesome? well here she is with hair and looking really quite sweet. She is a custom doll, and her family wanted brown hair and brown eyes – so I abandoned the pink (another time) and re embroidered the eyes, and here she is. Her new family are choosing fabric for a skirt so at the moment she is wearing borrowed clothes.

New pants

Oh these are so sweet! I made them using the cotton Pointelle, which is so beautifully soft, using the same pattern I got with the doll pattern. However this time I used the method for sewing elastic that you can find in Juliane’s amazing little tutorial. Really happy with the results it looks much more professional.

Update on the pink haired doll – she is probably having a hair colour change. She is going to be called Rosalind and her family is choosing hair and eye colour and material for dresses eeek!