Knitting holiday

Nearly a whole week to knit and crochet and learn new skills, and in Scotland too, bliss. Samira asked us what we wanted to learn to tailor the classes to out needs. One of the skills I wanted to learn was brioche, and Samira suggested to get two balls of contrasting Aran wool and 4mm needles. Neither of these I have, all my wools are sock weight and my needles 1.5-2mm. So of course I needed to buy some more wool. Here is what I bought (online from The Loop) Rico design essentials – and look they match my chair & cushion!

Grey (94) & lemon (63)

Brioche as you probably know is a whole different language, and it’s very easy to unravel (mentally as well as the wool!). I was given three samples to do. I think I became known as the person who said ‘Well I’ve got the hang of that’ then unraveled what I’d just knitted. I remembered to take a couple of photos but sample number 3 has long gone.

Other things I wanted to learn about was reading crochet patterns, and ‘understanding’ the stitches so I could work out the beginning of a round, and which was the ‘the last stitch of the chain three’. Samira had lots of pattern books and fun little exercises to complete. I didn’t really complete anything I just made lots of little squares! I did however learn lots.

All of this was in the beautiful Gartmore House, where we were made to feel at home, like friends rather than paying guests. To finish I’ll just show you some of the other items, Samira had made – Sophie’s Universe throw, and Heidi Bear’s crocheted happy hippo. Inspirational to say the least.


The face

I thought I’d share with you where some of the dolls faces came from. Some faces come completely from my imagination, some are custom dolls to look like their owners, and some are inspired by photos I have found.

So here is Hannatu, Yonas, Izara and Princess and the pictures that inspired them

I don’t try to reproduce the image, more give you an essence of their personality. Izara and Yonas’ owner said ‘ I noticed dignity, reverie, calm, relaxation… and sadness ‘ on Izara’s face. About Yonas she said ‘ cute and maybe a little cheeky ‘. What do you see?

And now I have a new little face in my hands, a new personality emerging. I wonder who they will be?

Florals for playing in the garden

There was a consensus that Maisie was an outdoor girl, who liked to garden, hunt for bugs, and generally explore. So what better than floral dungarees with super size pockets. They can be filled with all the ‘treasures’ she finds.

The dungarees are made using the Meadowfinch pattern. I used a lovely Liberty print and then added wooden flower shaped button to the pockets and bodice.

Well, that is Maisie, all ready for her new home. I’ve said my goodbyes and she is off exploring. I’m dreaming of the next girl, her name is going to be Betty and she has long straight brown hair (I think!)

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Outfit suggestions please

Maisie has one outfit so far, a knitted smock top over a little grey dress, but I don’t know what her next outfit should be.

Maisie’s hair is this really unusual brown colour, in some photos it looks grey, but believe me it’s not. She has brown eyes and a cute smattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose.

Of course Maisie has her leather Mary Jane’s in a soft grey, and light grey socks……a bit of a theme going on here I think! But she does suit these muted tones.

So, the next outfit, what shall it be? Dungarees? Coat? Skirt and top? I need some suggestions! In the mean time, here are a couple more photos of the cutest profile and the wildest hair.

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Denim and seersucker

I do love seersucker, it’s got such a quaint old fashioned feel to it, and a lemon seersucker dress teamed with a faded blue denim jacket is just the perfect Summer combination.

The denim jacket is that amazing Liberty Jane pattern, instead of buttons and fake button holes I used proper press studs, I also did the usual ‘fat hands’ modification on the sleeves! The dress is just a simple sleeveless ‘me designed’ pattern, with a fresh broderie anglaise trim on the hem.

Finally shoes – lemon Mary Janes again!

And to finish just a couple more photos of Edyta who is now ready for her new family.

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T shirt making

Look what I did….. trimming a seam I only went and cut a hole in the fabric, darn it. Actually I’m not going to darn it, I’ve re done it!. This is the T shirt for Edyta who likes yellow, it’s resized from the Cortina top with those cute ruffles. However two attempts at it and I gave up, it didn’t look neat enough.

Second plan was to make a T shirt from the Liberty Jane pattern. Now that went a lot more smoothly, and I made one for Bex and a slightly bigger one for Edyta. I think I might’ve said before, I make my Waldorf dolls to the same body dimensions as A Girl for all Time as there are lots of lovely patterns to choose from for these dolls.

As you can see they both have cropped denim dungarees for Summer. They are made using the lovely Oh my Gosh pattern by QTPie, with all the cute details that make it so authentic.

Check out Edyta’s freckles that have come out in the sunny weather we’ve been having, it’s just a smattering across her little nose.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Why so many shoes you may ask? Well that’s because I’m not happy with them! The first pair of leather Mary Jane’s are using white leather I’ve had for ages, it’s an offcut from an upholsterer. It’s nice but doesn’t hold it’s shape after you have wet molded it. Also I thought they looked a bit scruffy – I can’t sell them, so I’ll give them to a friend.

Clockwise from left – too scruffy, too scruffy, a bit small, way too small, just right, just right!

I then bought some thicker 1.2mm leather, made a shoe, slightly altering my pattern to accommodate Shelby’s thick socks. Lovely, I was happy with it, although it was a snug fit. I made the second shoe…..forgot I’d made those alteration, argh I now have a shoe (beautifully made) but too small. So begin again, two new shoes, the same size, a good fit, and yay, Shelby finally has shoes. And I’m going to set up a shoe shop!!

All is not lost though, the ‘way too small’ fit Bex. I’ll make another one so she can have a pair.

Shelby’s second outfit was her nightie, I thought she needed some slippers to go with it. I can’t have her with cold toes. These are made following Wooly Wonders puff stitch flower slipper pattern. These are for babies but using a 3.5mm crochet hook and my tight crocheting, they came up perfect for a 12 inch doll!

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