A spot of dyeing

As ever, when one doll is finished the next bubbles into my head. First came her size and skin tone – 12 inch and medium. Next was the hair colour, so it’s either going to be that straight red hair (like Cecily) or copper curls. To give me the choice I have to dye some locks. Using KraftKolour I boil up a giant pan like a witches cauldron and bubble away. Rinse, rinse, rinse ……and dry. This colour is ‘copper’ not quite as orange/red as I was hoping but it may brighten when dried. Fast forward a few days and as you can see, Henrietta has the curly hair. pale blue eyes, and plenty of freckles. She’s very like Wilhelmina, I didn’t plan it, it just happened!

I’ve also been buying fabric, again, I went on line to Merchant & Mills and got sucked into a rabbit hole of linens. Two of them particularly stand out, they are laundered linen one in blood orange, it is literally that colour. Also Mr Citrus, isn’t that a great name? it’s acid yellow/green.

My love for the blood red linen makes that my choice, a pair of dungarees with an embroidered pocket in greens and oranges and a little mohair cardigan. How does that sound?

Oralee’s trainers

This little girl wanted cloth trainers, which were harder to make than I remember. I used the pattern Kaley baby sneakers and scaled it down for little feet. I think that is where my problems started. Some items are so difficult to make when they are small. Three attempts and I got there! I now have a working pattern.

A little while ago I bought a Cricut, to help with some of the intricate cutting I do. The accuracy in cutting is lovely. I first used it on Perdita & Gwendoline’s shoes and cut out the very small pattern on the toe. It’s been a steep learning curve, but each time I make use a pattern I’m going to upload the more challenging pieces to cut.

One final outfit for Oralee are pyjamas, her brother and sister have them so she couldn’t be left out. Pattern Noodle clothing ‘Counting Sheep‘ – I’ve made so many PJs recently I could literally make them in my sleep!

A big sister for Orla & Oren

There are 3 in this family and now it’s complete Oralee is nearly ready to meet her siblings. She stands 16 inch tall and is a darker blond than the other two and has grey/blue eyes. She love sport, dancing, gymnastics and reading. Here she is to compare, as you can see she’s just a little older.

Her first outfit is a peasant blouse of Liberty fabric and turquoise blue needlecord shorts. Her socks (of which she has just one at the moment) are striped in blue, green and yellow. I tired spiral knitting and it’s fun, check out the lovely YouTube video by Very Pink Knits if you are interested in this method. Oralee also has a back pack, I’m sure she has the book she’s currently reading in there. It’s a lovely pattern by QTpie that has lots of variations you can make. I resized it to fit a 16 inch doll.

Back to work now – she has some trainers that need attention.

Last night together

Well, it’s my last night with the girls, they are off to Chicago tomorrow, together. Their new mama wanted pyjamas, slippers and night caps for them. I know they look ready for bed however they are so excited I don’t think there will be much sleeping. Each girl has PJs out of Hubble and Rose fabric, pattern adapted from Noodle clothing’s Counting sheep pattern

Then each sister has a night cap made from up cycled cashmere sweaters and a pair of slippers. Perdita’s are mice – and I think you can see that. Gwendoline’s are rabbits hmmm not sure they look like rabbits but we’ll go with that. Do you think they look sleepy? Me neither. Safe travels.


These two share a common bond, they like to dye their hair. Gwendoline has a head of pale green – yes green – curls and Perdita is all about the long pink tresses. I’ve gone for dresses in pastel shades this time, with hemstitch details. As you can see Gwendoline’s is dress has lovely little lace like holes. However when I came to do Perdita’s the wing needle snapped, argh, it wasn’t cheap either. I have no idea why it broke, so Perdita’s hem detail is just machine embroidered.

I made both girls pinafore’s to go over their dresses, in mohair. If you fancy making one I can send you a PDF of the pattern I designed. I mixed the mohair with a 2 ply wool for a bit of extra body and added a lace panel on the second one I made.

If you are interested in giving the a home they are for sale on my Etsy site

Some things take time

……and Claudia was one of those ‘things’. She’s been sat with me for a month or so now in various states of baldness, armless, and general nakedness. She is a different style doll, a Rosy Posy doll built around a wire armature. She can gently move her limbs, bend her arms and knees, and maintain some gentle postures. I made my first Rosy Posy doll back in 2017 and that was Persie. She is quite a bit smaller/thinner than my other dolls so I had to make new patterns again for her clothes. I went back and looked at my instructions for her Ugg boots – all lies! I had to resize/redo them several times, the pattern that works is now on my Ravelry page if ever you need to crochet tiny boots!

She has a Liberty print dress, in a lovely rich burgundy, trimmed with olive green lace (and matching ribbon in her hair). She is currently for sale in my Etsy Shop if you want to give her a home.

2020-05-11 15.29.01

A decision was made

….and Wilhelmina has crazy curls of natural fibre (true Waldorf style) and she also seems to be totally dressed in pink (down to pink panties) not sure how that happened but I do love these dusky pink shades. So, she has a knitted smocked dress , it’s such a versatile dress pattern, you can add all sorts of little details. I gave the body of the dress a pattern and a flower like hem. The wool is from Life in the Long Grass and is so pretty, pink with flecks of orange, green, blue, just delicious.

Then there is a little pink gingham dress. This gingham was from my haul at Ray Stitch. Little details are so special, covered buttons and a petal sleeve.

That’s Wilhelmina…….and onto the next doll! If you want to have Wilhelmina in your home go to my Etsy shop.

Which wig?

A new 12 inch girl is taking shape, she has a light brown skin, green/grey/brown eyes – is that colour hazel? I planned for her to have curly chestnut brown hair (Teasdale locks) but then I’ve tried her with two synthetic mohair wigs and she looks just gorgeous. I’m undecided whether I should go against the Waldorf aesthetic, which advocates all natural fibres. Having said that, I just couldn’t resist showing you what she looks like in the JoJo and Beth wigs. Her name is Wilhelmina by the way, big name, little girl.

I’m also working on her outfit, so far she is going to have a smocked knitted tunic to go over a gingham dress. The wool is a beautiful pink from Life in the Long Grass, and the gingham is that one I bought for Raystitch.

Too windy

I wanted to go out to photograph Dulcie, in fact I did go out, camera, tripod – all set up. But poor Dulcie kept nearly nose diving off her stand, so I gave up and came indoors. So you have slightly grainy photos instead.

Do you recognise this gingham fabric I bought from Raystitch? The contrasting organic cotton I absolutely love, I wish I had bought more because now it’s out of stock. The dress has a puff sleeve and an oversized pocket (all doll’s love pockets).

The coat is a tried and tested pattern, full of design details the pockets with buttons, the extra seams on the sleeves and the back pleat by Noodle clothing. All go to make it special and in need of beautiful fabric. I’ve used a soft wool tweed and Liberty lining.

Finally leather shoes and hand knitted socks in a lovely plant dyed wool from Snail Yarn. Dulcie is now ready for a new home, please check out her listing on my Etsy site



Bubbling with ideas

(aka. buying more wool and fabric) Alongside making dolls I also make (and sell) knitting patterns for dolls. This came about because I couldn’t find exactly the pattern I wanted for my dolls. I like a top down all in one knit, so far I’ve made PDFs for a simple yoked sweater and a more complicated Celtic Cable sweater. The next one has a Fair Isle yoke and came about after ‘lusting’ over Yama yarn and their gorgeous yoked sweaters.

Here is my version of a Fair Isle yoked sweater, I’ll publish in a month or so when the pattern testers have done their magic.

Do I ‘need’ more fabric, I think so……… I’ve had another trip to London so went to my two favourite fabric shops Raystitch and Liberty. Here is my haul – subtle colours, and classic vibrant prints.

…and to finish here is Oren being welcomed by his big sister Orla. Thank you Zoe for the photo, he looks so happy.