Which colour hair?


This is Arrietty, have you heard of her from the Borrowers by Mary Norton? Well, she has a hair dilemma! Originally I wanted her to be a red head with freckles, but the red is very orange and now I’m not sure. Here she is modelling – burnt orange, blue, white and blonde. Which one?

Ps. She will have blue/grey eyes…………..not these bead pins!


Connie’s tree climbing outfit

All that tree climbing needed a more suitable outfit. My mum reckoned she needed shorts – so here they are, with and oversized T shirt and those leather Mary Janes. I’m still waiting for the buckles which are on their way from Thailand…..slowly. I also need some really sharp leather cutting scissors to finish the edges off cleanly – these too are arriving …..slowly.

The shorts are made by adapting the pattern by Liberty Jane I didn’t make them high waisted, just used her method.

Connie’s cardie

Connie’s cardigan is finished using the beautiful Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift wool in the colour Lichen. It perfectly matches the Bramley apple tree Connie has climbed. I combined two patterns to make it. The design is from that amazing multi pattern I bought from HeyJude6439 but I knitted it with a fake raglan sleeve for a neater finish using the method describe by Cynthia Berrier.

2017-10-08 09.25.07


North Coast dolls workshop

I’ve just come home from the most amazing workshop, my fingers are blistered from all the needle felting but my heart is full of dolls. The teacher was the very lovely Meglena, seen here in the linen apron. At the end of the table you can see Debbie the host of the weekend from Little Oke dolls, Debbie is holding the Lousie who we were all trying to make. I learnt so, so much and I can’t wait to share my ‘Louise’ with you. In the mean time see a picture of step one – make a lollipop on the end of a piece of wire.

2017-09-30 11.08.32

Here is all of us with our dolls, okay so not quite finished but they were all so beautiful


workshopmegsept2017 (1)

Shoe making

I’ve decided to have a go at making leather shoes and bags for my dolls. I got a 1kg bag of leather scraps off eBay from a company that makes leather sofas and are selling their off cuts. The pieces are large and I got three colours -white, bottle green and burgundy. I’ve had a good look at YouTube videos and found this one that shows you how to shape the leather using a last, as I’m at my parents at the moment I’ve been in the shed doing woodwork! I’m using a pattern by Handmade Paradise  so far I’ve made up a calico shoe and now I’m starting on the leather.